Next Step

As an attorney, one of the first things I ask potential clients is “What is your goal?”

Do you want a lower car payment? Do you want to be free from credit cards? Do you want to get rid of any medical bills? Do you want to end the fear and stress of being harassed by creditors?


Then do something about it.

How do you do it? One small step at a time. One small decision at a time. You owe it to yourself to learn about your options.

Call me. It’s free. We can talk about how you might achieve those goals. But you have to take a step—today—if you want to improve.

Bankruptcy is not a magic pill that is going to instantly make everything better. It is a decision that helps you take control of your financial future. It takes you closer to your goal. It is an opportunity to start over, guided by the knowledge and experience that you have learned.


—fueled by DeathWish coffee. When fully caffeinated, Charles Farrell Jr. can be reached at 229-474-6742 or at [email protected]

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