Financial Fear

Let’s talk about the big one—Fear.

It’s miserable to be afraid. It doesn’t matter what form it takes. To be afraid is to be engulfed. It is a horrible way to live. I know; I’ve been there. And if you are reading this blog, then so have you. Let’s focus on what fear is and how it might be resolved.


Fear is going from the known to the unknown.


Financial fears can come in several different forms: creditor calls, missed payments, threats of repossessions, attorneys, lawsuits, and judgement liens. The walk to your mail box can be a trigger for fear and anxiety if you know that there is a bill waiting for you that you just can’t pay. Life isn’t easy, and bad things can happen to good people.


Often we respond to financial fears by doing all the wrong things. We avoid our phone. We hesitate to seek help. We blame others. We point fingers. We hide. We freeze up. We don’t want to talk about it or answer questions. We focus on escaping instead of finding a solution to the problem. And that is why that fear is always there, because we tried to avoid it instead of taking responsibility for finding a solution.


So how can we resolve our financial fears? My experience, from working as a bankruptcy attorney for 19 years, has taught me that first you must take action. You cannot afford to hesitate. You must face the issue and speak to a qualified bankruptcy attorney who can make you aware of your options. Finding the right attorney is another step into the unknown, it’s another fear that causes people to hesitate because they are embarrassed to seek help, they don’t want to answer questions, and they don’t want to choose the wrong attorney.


I aim to do things differently. My office is designed to take the sting out of speaking with an attorney. The initial consultation is free. The office is a relaxed t-shirt and jeans atmosphere. You sit down and discuss your situation with me, not with a staff member. The questions are friendly and are designed to help us focus on your goals. I’m not here to judge anyone; I am here to try and help you arrive at the right solution for your life. I think you are worth it.


—fueled by Valhalla Java coffee. When fully caffeinated, Charles Farrell Jr. can be reached at 229-474-6742 or at [email protected]

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