Hold Fast

ship in a storm

“HOLD FAST” a nautical term probably borrowed from the Dutch houd vast (hold tight) used as a reminder to sailors to hold firmly to a ship’s rigging to avoid being thrown overboard.

Take a moment to consider your financial situation: what words do you use to describe how you feel?

When we think about the problem of debt, I find it interesting to look at the terms that we use. Common words that describe that feeling include:

  • Drowning in debt
  • In over your head
  • Being in deep
  • Barely treading water

These are emergencies that require immediate attention. Debt is suffocating. All of these words signal situations and problems too difficult to deal with or manage on your own. They are a signal that you need help getting back on firm ground.

Fortunately, you do not have to struggle alone. The bankruptcy system was created to provide a life line to those who feel that they are drowning in unpaid bills.  When a ship encounters bad weather, you have to hold fast to those life lines until the storm clears. When you are drowning in bills, you need to eliminate that debt to get a fresh start.

If you need help or just want to understand your options, I am available to discuss what bankruptcy can do for you.

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