Our Philosophy

When you call the law office of Charles Farrell, Jr., don’t be surprised when an attorney picks up the telephone. We understand that financial uncertainty makes people uncomfortable and it can be intimidating for most people to make that phone call, much less come in and speak with an attorney. Simply put, our goal is to alleviate the fear most people have of attorneys being costly and difficult to understand. We aim to do things differently and take the discomfort out of speaking with a professional.

Taking that first step doesn’t have to be intimidating! We offer a free, no obligation initial consultation so we can meet with you to discuss your situation. This meeting is a relaxed conversation in a welcoming environment where we listen to your concerns and frustrations. This meeting allows us to answer your questions about bankruptcy and best advise you on how to take the burden of debt off your shoulders.  Trust us to provide you with clear guidance every step of the way.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.  We primarily serve the following counties in Georgia: Lowndes, Ben Hill, Berrien, Brooks, Clinch, Colquitt, Cook, Echols, Irwin, Lanier, Thomas, Tift, Dougherty, Lee, & Worth. 

Time to Take Action!

If you have questions about filing for bankruptcy, give us a call today at 229-474-6742 so you can speak with an experienced attorney. Debt keeps you shackled to disadvantage!

Bankruptcy Basics

Chapter 7

It is important to have a thorough discussion of all your assets with your bankruptcy attorney so they can advise you as to which assets are protected and which assets are likely to be sold. This type of relief is best in situations where an individual has very few assets and a low income and the majority of their debts are unsecured such as credit cards, medical bills, and monies owed after a repossession or a foreclosure.

Chapter 13

Without having to liquidate your assets, a plan is proposed to pay a portion of your debts out of future income, with you and your assets being protected from creditors while making payments to a trustee. Such payments will be on more favorable terms, such as possible lower interest rates, reduced payments, etc. This type of relief is available to individuals with a regular source of income and can help them save money and focus their income on more important assets like their house or car.


A bankruptcy can provide immediate debt relief by stopping creditor harassment, collections calls, garnishments and lawsuits, repossessions and foreclosures. It can also help wipe out judgments and credit card, medical debts and car repossession debts.


Understanding your options and next steps is not an easy road to navigate. That is why we are here. Explore our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about your options and how we can help you.

Debt Men Tell No Tales:

Bankruptcy, Black Coffee & Beards in Downtown Valdosta

Learn more in our blog. The more you know about bankruptcy, the more likely you are to be successful in eliminating your debt!

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Staying Afloat in a Sea of Debt

When you’re suffering from debt, I know how difficult it can be to ask for help. However, when you call the Law Office of Charles Farrell Jr. in Valdosta, you will be able to speak to a chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer directly. I want you to gain a sense of security and confidence that things are going to work out for your situation, and I will stand by your side as the debt relief legal firm you need.

  • When you file for bankruptcy, it’s important that you have an experienced and compassionate bankruptcy attorney by your side. I know the ins and outs of the law so you don’t have to!
  • A bankruptcy lawyer can help with a range of debt relief options and offer opinions on alternatives that may work for your current financial situation. Let me help you avoid future financial problems!
  • To help protect your assets, a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney can help guide you through the entire process from beginning to end. The same attorney will be with you from the first meeting to the court hearing.
  • Foreclosures can be an equally stressing time for you and your family. At the Law Office of Charles Farrell Jr., you are getting a foreclosure attorney with years of experience to fight for you.

Whether you need advice from a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney or need legal assistance and guidance with foreclosures, repossessions, or advanced debt relief, please contact me at your earliest convenience. I can offer a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your unique situation. From there, I will devise a range of plans and potential options to help ease your debt and improve your financial situation.